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A failed brain surgeon turned college professor and his student mistress trap hapless men to extract Euphorium 203 from the core of their brain; their intent to use the life altering elixir on his brain-damaged pregnant wife to keep her alive long enough to deliver both his son and his inheritance.

** American Monster

Based on a true story. In a small Wyoming town, Ronnie Craddick, monster in a man suit, kills his 13 year old daughter for the insurance money and relocates to Texas to start life anew. For the next 22 years he’ll lead two lives, one as a successful business man, one as a monster that walks among us.

Big Box

Will honesty, integrity, and compassion for a fellow human change mighty big box retailer Electronic Emporium? Probably only if there’s profit involved.

Blind Eye

When a group of students, locked in their high school to decorate for senior prom, comes face to face with evil incarnate, they find there’s no place to hide when evil is all-seeing.

Blue Blood

In the Kentucky foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, a group of hikers from a nearby community college are led to ambush by a trusted advisor.


After a horrific avalanche, paranoia and desperation dance with our darkest fears when a group of young ad execs entombed in a ski lodge fight to stay alive as the air becomes toxic and the temperature plummets.

Bullet Proof

When a university student commits suicide under mysterious circumstances, his brother travels to the “suicide capital of Texas” to investigate. He uncovers a dangerous fraternity run by a psychotic mastermind that requires the ultimate gamble from each pledge: one round of Russian roulette.

Dog Days

In a small Texas town, invaders from another planet target man’s best friend as the ultimate sleeper cell. As one man pieces together the bizarre puzzle, his shockingly beautiful wife, her show-tune loving attorney, the prejudiced town sheriff, and a government agent with questionable credentials desperately try to catch up to him as he races against time to save humanity.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

A high school class reunites ten years after teasing a classmate so brutally that he commits suicide… they think. This time, he’s waiting for them, and he forces them to play the same humiliating games they made him play with horrific consequences.


A brilliant and feared bomber pilot leads his crew across the galaxy to deliver a world-ending bomb. But the only way he can deliver the bomb is to trust the enemy he most fears.

Ghost Light Road

Based on a true story. Since the 60’s, near the small Texas town of Kountze, travelers and townsfolk alike report balls of light moving within the thick piney woods. Found footage follows a group of high-schoolers documenting their last days of high school, a party within the woods that turns into a life-and-death game of cat and mouse, the discovery of a decades long cover-up, and a terrifying secret.

Hot Metal

A desperate rag-tag gang, led by two brothers, vets, abandoned by their government, one with a brain injury, one with a plan so outrageous it just might work, use a minigun dubbed the ‘Big Blue Meanie’ as they steal rare quarters from 6 small-town Colorado banks in just two days; spare change that will change their lives.

Ketos Project

In the most desolate locale on Earth, the crew of the icebreaker ‘Ava Rita’ battles for survival against a beast brought to the surface when the ocean temperature rises just one degree.

Pinky Promise

An emotionally damaged female high school teacher has sex with her students; when their illicit activities are threatened, extreme measures are taken.

** Safe

A group of despondent teens rob a bank and bury the loot, making a pact to reconvene in five years and split the money. But as relationships deteriorate, it becomes clear that nobody is safe.

Terra Incognita

At the end of the last Great Heroic Age, Douglas Mawson, Australia’s greatest explorer, leaves the love of his life for one final mission to discover the unimaginable resources of Antarctica. When disaster strikes stranding he and his party in the most inhospitable landscape on Earth, his love drives him to survive the most terrifying true survival story of all time.

The Disciple

A town shrouded with sin is stunned when a man appears and claims to be a disciple of God. When The Disciple claims to have knowledge of a missing child, the citizens of the town have to put their trust in him and lay their souls bare.

The Fourth

In the middle of Nowhere, Texas, a group of eleven teens from a church youth group man a busy fireworks stand. Little do they know events of the past have put them in the path of a psychotic madman bent on revenge.

* The Lost Tribe

After a devastating boat crash, a group of friends are stranded on an uncharted island where they encounter an ancient tribe of humanoid creatures.

The Possessed

An ex-priest, falsely accused of abuse, must battle a demon in a young boy; at stake his very soul.

Two Guys (How We Struck It Rich In The Phone Sex Business While Smoking Pot In My Mom’s Basement)

Two highly unmotivated friends, addled by a life of video games and pot, stumble on a way to grab the American dream and make money hand over fist by starting their own phone sex biz. When a high school rival makes one an offer he can’t refuse; their relationship is jeopardized.


Seven survivors of a doomed deep space freighter realize that every choice has a horrifying consequence. In the cramped confines of their escape shuttle, paranoia dances with desperation. No destination. No food. No choice. Know hunger.

** Virginia Creeper

With tragic loss weighing on him, local author David Rice becomes entangled in the mystery of the Fitzwater family, a villainous clan whose own secrets of blood lust have terrorized the local countryside for generations.