The following represents both available and produced work.

Produced work is proceeded with *

Work that is tied-up (optioned, pre-prod, etc.) is proceeded with **

All work registered with appropriate parties including, but not limited to, WGAw.


** American Monster

Based on a true story. In a small Wyoming town, Ronnie Craddick, monster in a man suit, kills his 13 year old daughter for the insurance money and relocates to Texas to start life anew. For the next 22 years he’ll lead two lives, one as a successful business man, one as a monster that walks among us.


In a high school English class, a girl wonders about a mysterious boy with a dangerous grin who calls her Cricket.


An abused dog concocts a plan to kill its master and move in with a better owner.

Love Does Funny Things

A caregiver checks in on an old man and finds that, after 40 years of marriage, love can do funny things to a man.

** One

A greedy trick-or-treater pays the ultimate price when she can’t just take one piece of candy.

Success Comes from The Bottom

Paranoia abounds Post 9/11 in air-travel.

The Barber

A barber with a mysterious background gives his patrons much more than a simple haircut.

The Line

A group of men moves through a warehouse ending in a door where an ominous WH-THWUMP sound emanates. Will the men snap out of their daze before they reach the end of the line?

* The Root of the Problem

Set in the candy-colored world of 1950s suburbia, a reluctant young housewife suspects that the friendly neighborhood dentist is hiding a horrible secret, but is it just the anesthesia at work or is there something more sinister hiding below the surface? Open up and say AHHHHHHHH!


After a freak accident, an insurance actuary can suddenly see how much time someone has until they die. When he meets another with the same power, he questions what it means to live.

* Meridians (FKA Veal)

An acupuncturist forms a primal bond with her female patient after years of treatment.

You’re Going Places, Kid

A demon crosses time, nudging the people along that would shape our world when they were at their lowest, making sure that fate played out as it should.